External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

Here at home insulation Ireland, we provide external wall insulation using injection spray foam and other methods were desired. We are an experienced contractor with many happy customers where we have carried out an external wall insulation service.

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More benefits...

And there are other benefits apart from the financial ones for using external wall insulation. Dampness and condensation in a living space can be harmful to health and in some cases will worsen conditions such as respiratory illnesses and allergies.

And a warm home is a happy home, so why shiver through the winter when home insulation could bring you warm, comfortable living, year round?

It is recommended for home insulation for new builds and existing structures. There are many advantages to using open cell spray foam such as its high values and breathable properties. This will stop the build up of any harmful gases and will also reduce noise in a structure.

What We Use...

Most of the time the best option nowadays is spray foam injection insulation for external walls, but in some cases we fit different insulation materials where desired. The customer always has the choice with our company!

external wall insulation